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Who are Nippy Brands?

Nippy by name and nature, we are your go-to pay-monthly design agency offering professional newsletters as just one of the many services we have to offer. 

Our simple briefing and delivery process means you can have sleek, visually rich newsletters whenever your company needs one. Whether it’s a monthly update, a new product announcement, or a seasonal update, having an elevated image is a sure-fire way to encourage engagement.

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What is our process?

A professional newsletter should balance strong messaging with user-friendly design to encourage people to interact with every element of the asset. Our designers can bring your updates to life in a way that offers a seamless consumer experience thanks to their expertise in communication designs.

Getting your newsletter could not be any more straightforward thanks to our four-step ordering process:


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your newsletter brief to our team. This should contain the copy that you want to be included which is broken down by headline points and paragraph text, specific imagery, branding content and any other instructions. You will also need to confirm which format you require as print and online publications both require different design elements.


We will then pull together a design based on your own branding and target consumers which we believe will achieve the results that you are looking for. This will be in the format that we believe is optimised for your end purpose.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork in the format that will best suit your intended use.

What is the Nippy Brands Newsletter Design service?

Did you know that 81% of marketers say that newsletters are their most beneficial source of marketing? However you decide to use this communication tool when delivered in the right way, it has the power to increase engagement and brand awareness and ultimately improve sales. The newsletter design service from Nippy Brands means you can benefit from monthly professional newsletter communications for just one fee. This means that you stand a better chance of retaining people who have signed up to receive your communications and that you can create tailored messaging depending on your consumer segments. 

Our newsletter design service allows you to brief in communications of any length you wish to have turned into visually striking pieces. From monthly updates to new email sign-up messaging, making the best impression is essential, especially considering that your consumers will receive many other newsletters every month. 

As one of the most popular direct marketing tools, newsletters allow you to build brand awareness and loyalty through carefully crafted content that has an individual feel to it. Our design service allows you to integrate your message in a layout that will ensure consumer interaction and understanding thanks to our various psychologically proven methods. Depending on your audience’s needs, they can also be used in either digital or print format. Whichever format you decide on, it is essential to consider that a newsletter should guide a reader on an immersive journey which tells a story and results in the call to action being successful. It is much more than just placing images and text on a document. 

By sharing your copy and the intended purpose of the newsletter with our designers, we can produce competitive and eye-catching company updates that ensure your consumers know you mean business. Accompanied by seamless additional CTA’s and subtle company awareness tools, we can ensure your newsletter becomes a must-open piece of content that consumers make time to read.

What are the benefits of using Nippy Brands for your Newsletter Design?

Nippy Brands can help you make the best first impression thanks to our extensive experience of creating newsletters for all industries! The benefits of having professional newsletters include the following:


  • You can present written content and/or complex messages creatively that will have a higher chance of producing engaging than if it was just in plain written form. 
  • Consistency in design and the professional image of a company can be instantly portrayed in a way that will wow consumers.
  • We have access to top designers and industry-recommended tools to ensure we can create speedy and fully dynamic content without any cut corners.
  • We wave strategy into every one of our designs, so you can rest assured that your newsletter is a fully formatted and dynamic marketing outreach tool.
  • We can create unique content in any format. 
  • Thanks to our unlimited design packages, you can use us for all your newsletters without having to deal with spiralling design costs. This ensures consistency which your consumers will both appreciate and expect. 
  • We take the design questions away from you so that you can focus on the information you need to convey. When you need to think about both the messaging and display, it is often the case that some details need to be noticed. You can focus on the facts by handing over the complete design process to us. 

How do we find images to illustrate your newsletter?

We have access to our own royalty-free image libraries, which we can use in conjunction with your own unique brand content. By taking the time to understand your brand image and identity, we can select a visual representation which denotes your products and services perfectly.

Every image and icon will have been chosen with a specific, strategic purpose in mind which our team are always happy to explain to you. Our designers know how to get the balance of images and copy just right, so we will never just use an image to fill a space or include it for the sake of it. Any content that makes the cut is chosen as it will enhance the performance of your newsletter.

The Nippy Brands process is also highly interactive, meaning you can give feedback at any stage. We will do it for you if you want an image swapped out. We will also always explain our design decisions so that you can ensure it aligns with the purpose you have for the newsletter content. Whilst we are professionals, we respect that only you know your business at the deepest level, so we would never dictate what content is included if you had other ideas.

We also always ensure that the imagery is the perfect resolution and ratio for the intended use. For print and online content, the resolution must be spot on; otherwise, your newsletter could end up making a poor impression. You also want to ensure that your content is optimised for digital sends to avoid getting caught in any spam folders. We have the digital design knowledge to guarantee this won’t ever happen, and we select our image components with this in mind.

Why should my business use Newsletters?

Newsletters are a brilliant way to make the most of your direct marketing audiences gathered via sign-up campaigns and organic activity. Consumers want to feel included in a brand where the newsletter comes into play. No matter your sector or industry, every business has a message to tell which can enhance brand awareness and engagement.

They are also brilliant tools for improving brand image as content can be strategically chosen to react with competitor content or industry trends. Furthermore, newsletters offer a low-cost way to target your entire audience, which is why the right design is integral to its success.

As well as sharing vital brand information, newsletters are also an effective tool for improving brand awareness. They contain branded content such as logos, typography, colours, and links to online platforms such as social media. By combining this with your messaging, you can give your business a voice which makes it more personable and memorable.

Finally, is the content side of things as newsletters can be used to share messages about anything! Traditionally used for company updates, you can also use the newsletters in more modern ways, such as by sharing your own blog content in a different format or by using them as a product catalogue for new releases. The sky is the limit, and our team are experienced in creating divert content that is made to stand out.

Can I edit the templates when received?

You certainly can! Our aim is to provide the content you don’t want to change, but if you want to use our professional template to create new messaging for yourself, go right ahead. If this is the case, it is worth chatting with your designer as they will use software to ensure the best-optimised content. If you then decide to edit it in another format, the structure and styling maybe lost so always ensure you have the same tools before you make any changes.

Your monthly subscription with Nippy Brands includes unlimited designs so don’t be scared to ask for multiple formats or amends of newsletter. If you want one newsletter but optimised for different platforms, we can do that without an issue. We create templates that are compatible with all types of platforms depending on how you want to share your messaging.

We can create email templates, compatible with software such as Mailchimp or for direct use in providers such as outlook, emailable and printable pdfs, online newsletter content for websites, and newsletters for social media, such as in-built LinkedIn creator feature.

Where does the copy come from for my newsletter?

Our designers do have strategic and copywriting experience but will need your copy to be provided in advance of the design being created. We can still offer advice and support but find it easiest when your messaging has already been defined. By seamlessly combing your copy with our design skills, we can bring keywords and statements to life to cater to people reading all content and just skimming top-level updates.

If you want to copy updated, we can do that for you, so do send any amends across to our team even after the final product has been sent. We also appreciate that not every business has a professional copywriter, so we are happy to work with your text to create compelling newsletters in a way that would get the message across in your desired tone of voice.

Do the designers know how to ensure my call to actions stand out?

Don’t let the conversational and friendly nature of a newsletter fool you; these marketing tools are highly strategic and purpose-driven pieces of content which we understand in their entirety. CTA’s, otherwise known as call-to-actions, are the end goal of any marketing tool. Within a newsletter, you can have multiple obvious and subliminal actions included to ensure that there is something for every consumer type.

To do this, we use a mix of keywords, buttons, grids, and carefully positioned links to ensure your newsletter facilitates onward activity. During the briefing stage, we will ask for all your links and intended action to be confirmed so that we know exactly what the result is for your newsletter.

The options for integrated CTAs are endless, from promoting new products to new follows on social media, so it is up to you to decide how you want to direct your traffic once the publication is shared. Our designers know exactly how to guide a customer journey, so you never need to worry about the CTAs not being a success. By combing consumer psychology understand with design know-how, we get the results you desire.

How do you know what layout to use?

Our designers will create a layout for your newsletter based on your content and messaging needs. Completely bespoke and unique to your company, we will create content that leaves a positive impression.

The layout is not just about making your newsletter look the part but also ensuring the correct customer journey is made possible. Creating your perfect design is, therefore, a layered process that combines understanding the messaging with the journey that we want the customer to take.

We use grids as a basic way to achieve the correct operational structure. This doesn’t mean it will look regimented but instead means all content is ideal for either print or online viewing. This also means that consistency is achieved, which the human brain craves when digesting new information. The creative side is added to illustrate content, bringing messaging to life.

Your layout will likely change depending on the information you need to share, but we always work to maintain similarities in the content, which consumers will find comforting such as the same header or footer.

How do you incorporate my branding into the newsletter design?

Branding is the glue that brings a newsletter to life. By having continuity in your colours, fonts, logos, and other design features, the recipient will have no doubt who the communication has come from.

We also ensure the design and layout correlate with other marketing tools, such as your website interface and catalogues, as this helps people to create a link with the content even if it is the first time they have received the communication. Your branding is your main unique selling point, so by professionally implanting this into your newsletter design, we can automatically improve the competitiveness of your communications.

When time is limited for engaging consumers and leaving a lasting impression, our main goal is to create newsletters that will instantly be recognisable as being from your brand. Our team of expert designers understand branding through and through, so you will be amazed at how we can add your brand identity to even the simplest of communications.

We want to ensure that when your consumer clicks on a link in your newsletter or follows a QR code on a printed copy, their customer journey is seamless with a continuation of the branding that has enticed them to interact with your company.


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