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Social Media Design from Nippy Brands

Standing out on social media platforms is becoming increasingly complex. In fact, an estimated 4.7 billion people use social media worldwide! With Nippy Brands, we make it possible for you to have access to a never-ending supply of professionally designed social graphics for an affordable monthly price.

Make sure your social media is a tool for business engagement with our support.

What is our process?

We have made our briefing, design, and delivery service incredibly speedy, as we want our clients to be as active as possible on social media. Just like we offer for our other design agency services, we have created a simple four-step process for bringing your social media requests to life!


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your social media design request to our team via the simple-to-use portal. There is no need to worry about technical specifications as we are experts in that field. Instead, we will need to know about what you require, information on your branding, messaging needs, and any design influence you would like us to take.


We will then pull together a unique design and send you the option or feedback. Need a revision? Not a problem at all as we offer unlimited redesigns under your monthly plan fee.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork in the format that will best suit your intended use.

Social Media Design service from Nippy Brands

As our name would suggest, we are a speedy design service that can offer you unlimited social media graphics with a very fast turnaround. Social media presence is becoming increasingly important, with the platform not just being a tool for spreading your message, but for 98%, it is also an active shopping platform. 

Design is everything in social media, with only the most professional graphics giving consumers a reason to stop the endless scrolling they are all accustomed to. From banners to feed images, our design experts can effortlessly weave your branding and messaging into showstopping social graphics that positively impact you. 

Not only does this mean you can benefit from an unrestricted amount of outputs for an affordable cost, but it also ensures your business is set up to participate in social trends and activities reactively. With a service that suits companies of all sizes, our social media design skills will allow you to turn your social media feeds into strategic sales tools. 

Graphic design is an element of your marketing mix which will give you a professional image. These days, consumers are becoming more clued up on online design due to the number of apps and software that make it easy for prints to be produced. Despite this, they can still tell when a company has invested in quality design. At Nippy Brands, we bring you the top talent in the design world so that you can rest assured that all assets are superior to anything else that consumers would come across when scrolling through their daily feed activity.

What is our social media design service?

Helping you make the best impression on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google my Business, our social media design service includes unlimited graphics to support all the main channels. Every aspect of your social media presence is likely to be scrutinized by consumers, so it is essential to look professional if you want to be taken seriously.

Our design service means you can showcase your brand image in a way that is going to be best received by your intended audience.

Covering profile images, header banners, feed content, and more, our designers will give you exclusive insights into how you can stand out with the right graphics. Social media design also makes sure you have a coordinated representation, with your social media feeds directly representing what your website and other marketing tools stand for.

With micro-influencers continuing to take the social media world by storm, the level of content online is extremely high. That is why you need a professional design service, like Nippy Brands, to help you compete with the large pool of professional social talent.

Why is it important for a business to invest in social media design?

Social media channels are just one of the many marketing avenues that help companies of all sizes compete in the big wide world of eCommerce. You may think that just posting on social is enough to do your bit, but you would be wrong!

Graphic design is not just about creating an image that looks good. Instead, it is about combining the art of design with strategic consumer psychology techniques to grab attention and leave a lasting impression. A carefully crafted social media image can increase engagement, better on-page performance, and more people to your selling or informational platform. 

Consumers also have high expectations regarding online content, as many spend hours a day just wading through the never-ending content. The right social media assets add value to daily life and become much more than just an advertisement. This means they will also judge your business’s relevance based on how much attention you pay to social media content, meaning that design is more important than ever before. 

Did you know that 94% of first impressions are design related? This proves how much skill is needed to pull off a positive impression, which our team are all highly skilled in achieving. Yes, programmes online could mean anyone could create an image, but the fact remains that professional design is a highly trained area that takes many years to get right. 

With the social world being more competitive than ever, we think it’s the ideal time to invest in your social media presence. If not, you will get left behind. 

What forms of social media design can Nippy Brands support with?

Social media design is about so much more than a nice image for a feed. In fact, that is just the foundation or what brings your profile into the top levels of competition. All platforms require different content, which we can help and support with.

Profile Images This might seem simple but getting your profile image right is not something we see every company successfully do. Your profile image should be fit for the smaller size offered but still offer an instant view of your branding so that people can start building a connection between your business and the products that it offers.

Header Banners When people click through to your platform or land on it from a search result; your header is one of the first things they will be greeted by. This is your very own free advertising landscape that can be updated as much as you wish to keep people updated on your latest product or service offering. Each social media platform has different dimensions and compatibility needs, which is why we recommend a professional design that will look good wherever it is being viewed.

Feed Images With users coming across hundreds of images every day, it takes a showstopping piece of content to make them want to interact with content. We design strategically sound content that transmits your messaging in a way that can be perceived quickly by busy minds. They are all also created with that social feed in mind to ensure they are the best size and quality to make a lasting impression.

Carousel Content Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all use carousels to add even more content into just one post. When done right, you can tell an entire story in just a few images. Our designers use this as just one of their many tools to create content that is ideal for improving engagement levels.

Reels and Videos We can also design intro cards and graphic content for videos, which are important to integrate within your social media feeds. 86% of companies already use video content as a method of social marketing, so if you don’t consider this design feature, your social feeds will not look as active or relevant as that of your competitors. 

Paid advertising Content Our social media design services also involve creating striking content that ensures your paid advertising is successful. Whilst optimisation of keywords is essential for delivering content to your intended audience, without an incentive to engage, the chance to make an additional sale will be lost. Our designers create strategic and dynamic designs which will leave your consumers unable to resist the temptation to click through and find out more about your company.

Infographics As well as designing infographics for wider use, we also specialise in creating socially optimised designs which flood your feed with brand-unique information. Our designs understand how much time they must engage a consumer, so all informational posts are created with psychological awareness in mind to ensure you get a strong result.

Most content can also be used across different platforms, or our team will create platform-specific assets that mean you can simply upload and let the designs work their magic.

Why should you turn to a professional design agency for your social media content?

  • Consumers expect top-quality content that they would not be able to create themselves. When you use a professional design expert, you can rest assured in knowing that your consumers will want to interact with your social content.
  • Professional design can also be used to ensure consistency across your platforms, which is essential for achieving a strong online presence in saturated markets.
  • Eye-catching content is needed to make a strong impression online. If you want to improve engagement, professional design is an assured way of achieving it.
  • Social content needs to be multi-layered, with many types of both obvious and subliminal messaging being incorporated into just one image. A design expert will know how to achieve this perfect balance.
  • Social media represents your company, so your feeds need to have connotations of what your brand denotes.

How important is social media for your business?

With over 2 hours spent on social media by every person daily, it is a marketing component that businesses cannot fail to include in their outreach strategies. From the world of influencers to direct paid ads, social media has turned into a world of fast-moving eCommerce, with the platforms even implementing direct shopping tools into their operations. The fact remains that although social media is a highly competitive tool, it is still used by consumers emotively, meaning that there is a real opportunity for brands to engage with people on a deep level. 

It is also essential to get social media right as it is just one of the many online areas that consumers check to make an impression of what a brand is all about. Social media is powerful for this use as visual content is processed much quicker and on a deeper level than text. You need to ensure your imagery is grabbing attention so that other messaging themes, in the form of the written word, are then interacted with. 

There is also no denying that the digital age is upon us, and increasingly generations are spending more time online. This means that over the coming years, social media will only continue to get more important with younger generations who will be making buying decisions that affect their business. Starting as you mean to go on is the best way to improve engagement and impressions, as consistency in posting and quality of content is essential. This also gives you something to learn from, as you can see how current content is performing to give you an idea of your next strategic direction. 

Social media is also the quickest and most affordable way to target a global audience. With the right balance of professional design, strategic organic content, and paid advertising, you can create a powerful presence on any social media platform. Design is the element that brings everything together, as you can often create visual content that is easy to interpret but has a wide audience. Messaging themes and language can be tailored to different regions, but professional designs can be used across different industries offering an affordable way for businesses to invest in marketing assets.

Social media is very much a make-or-break element of your marketing mix. If you don’t have a presence or one that does not represent your business in the best way, you risk missing out on vital consumer activity. Our pay monthly design packages allow you always to look your best and support any messaging themes with strong visual content that tells a story effectively. 

What types of creative content can Nippy Brands design for social media?

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating compelling social content with Nippy Brands!

Whether you want fun designs or serious business messaging, we can give your request a visual identity to be proud off. Our team also have loads of experience in creating unique visuals, such as quote images and infographics, so if you know you want a visual but don’t know how to structure it, we can send you in the perfect direction for social success.

What other elements of social media design should I consider?

Whilst we can offer input on the types of designs, there are some steps that you will need to consider as part of your wider social strategy to ensure your visual content works for your needs. Our team have strategic experience, so we can advise on this, but we will need the following aspects to have been considered by your marketing team to give our designs the best chance of standing out!

Target Audience This is something we are sure you will understand, but out team will need to know about as this does dictate a lot of the design elements. By knowing who your designs need to impress, we can incorporate various emotive and psychological aspects into your visuals to ensure they promote engagement.

Keywords and Messaging Themes Your content marketing support should be able to advise you on this. Whilst we don’t always add wording to every image, knowing what content the graphics will at least be supporting is important, as both aspects of a social media presence need to align for maximum impact. This also ensures that your content is relevant and that it stands the test of time to ensure that it is providing results for your business long after it was initially posted.

Intended Platform Our team can create social media designs for any feed, so just let us know where you intend to use your content during the briefing phase. You should have already considered what forms of messaging will work for which platforms so that the content we create works for your strategic needs. If you need images for multiple feeds, we design them differently to suit the individual needs of that social feed. The intended use will also dictate elements such as image ratios and sizing.

Branding As well as knowing what branding we need to include in designs, you should have also considered how your visual messaging needs to represent your brand. Even something as small as the connotations of an icon that we decide to use could impact the way that your visual is perceived. Companies should therefore have already considered marketing positioning and how their branding will be received when compared to competitors to ensure our designs are fit for purpose.

Whilst we will create a strong visual identity for you on any social media platform, it is essential to consider that digital presence is about the alignment of all your components. This is one of the reasons that we offer unlimited designs and revisits in your monthly fee, as we understand that sometimes you just don’t know how something will perform online until it is posted on your feed. Our designers will always work with you to help you achieve the perfect presence on social media for your business.

How important is it to optimise content for different platforms?

Vitally so! Creating social media graphics is about more than just producing good visual designs; they also need to work strategically with the platform they have been posted on.

This means that creating different content for each platform is important, as what would attract consumers on Facebook may not do so on Twitter. The reality for many companies is that creating different content for each feed is a time constraint that they just cannot facilitate. With Nippy Brands by your side, this is no longer an issue, as we can help you give each of your social feeds its own unique image for no extra charge.

The elements of the design are also important, as colours and imagery are all interpreted in different ways by consumers. By ensuring that each of your assets works perfectly on the intended platform, you can enhance the chance of people engaging with your content.

Consumers are likely to follow your brand on multiple platforms if they are a fan. They don’t want to see the same content as otherwise; what is the incentive for following you? On Instagram, they probably want image-heavy content that they can share on their pages to improve their engagement. However, on Facebook, they will likely want a strong copy as the platform is all about sharing messaging. The point we are making is that you should be ensuring each of your social feeds has a steady flow of unique content. Creating multiple designs that all align with the same theme is something we can achieve for you, with subtle changes included that trick the consumer into thinking they are getting a new piece of information. This means you are more likely to make a longer lasting and deeper connection.

Visual identity is important anywhere online, but social media is the main tool that we think you should consider if you want to compete effectively.

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