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Brochure Design from Nippy Brands

At Nippy Brands, we deliver projects quickly, so you never miss an opportunity to elevate your business. To do this, we offer an unlimited graphic design service that gives our clients access to all the designs they could need for a one-off monthly cost. This allows anyone to add an expert designer to their team for a very affordable price.

Our team has extensive experience creating brochures for various businesses, making us ideal for working with no matter your operating sector. From detailed catalogues to top-level brochures, we can do it all.

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What is our process?

Creating a brochure may seem like a daunting task but we can assure that with our team, it couldn’t be easier!

Thanks to our simple four-step process, you can have professional brochures with you in a matter of days:


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your brochure brief to our team. This should contain the copy that you want included which is broken down by headline points and paragraph text, specific imagery, branding content and any other instructions. You will also need to confirm which format you require as print and online publications both require different design elements.


We will then pull together a design based on your own branding and target consumers which we believe will achieve the results that you are looking for. This will be in the format that we believe is optimised for your end purpose.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork in the format that will best suit your intended use.

What is the Nippy Brands brochure design service?

Our talented designers know a thing or two about creating top-quality brochures. For a flat monthly fee, we can provide unlimited designs and revisions, which means that your company always has access to professional marketing assets. As well as receiving speedy service, for every project, you will be assigned a dedicated designer who can bring your vision to reality with a one-on-one level of service.

We understand that a strong brochure is an essential marketing asset to have within your portfolio. Not only do consumers expect them, but they also offer a way to improve engagement with people who have yet to become customers of a brand. As well as allowing you to showcase products and services in an easy-to-digest way, brochures also commonly share valuable information about the business itself. This means that brochures can also improve your brand image and awareness.

The best brochures should also be available in both digital and traditional printed formats, which our team can create for you. The publication itself needs to also be catered for your entire plethora of consumers, meaning that lots of design elements need to be considered when creating a professional product. We specialise in bringing your written words to life through our beautiful designs and psychologically enriched content. By balancing all design elements and incorporating call to action throughout, Nippy Brands brochures are a sure-fire way to boost engagement.

Sure, you could just find a template online and create your own brochure, but we guarantee you would not make the same impact on the market as there is more to creating a design than just laying it out nicely. Our design service involves the chosen designer getting to know the brand so that we can create completely original designs that offer a competitive advantage. Your existing branding is also applied to any designs to ensure you can achieve consistency in your marketing assets.

All you need to do is provide the copy, and we will work our magic to create a brilliant brochure that sets your business apart from the rest.

How does the design process work?

You don’t need design knowledge when working with us, as we can confidently manage that side of things. All we need from you is a detailed brief and consideration of some of the below points to ensure that we have all the content required to produce an excellent brochure. You can submit your brief via our design portal to start bringing your idea to life. At this time, you should include all copies and share any existing branding assets, such as colours and logos, so that we can align the brochure with your brand image. If you are a new company, don’t worry; we can also create assets and branding for you!

To create a strong brief, you should consider the following aspects of your brochure:

Purpose The best brochures are not just ones that have a layout of content included but ones that tell a story because of knowing their purpose. These documents tend to be larger than other marketing collateral, so you should consider why you are producing them and the desired result.

Perhaps you want to sell more products, improve brand awareness, or target a new consumer group. All are valid reasons to create a brochure, and as such, the content and design should be aimed at the intended purpose. Our team would also benefit from knowing what makes your company original and having a view of your current value propositions, as this will impact the journey created. 

Every design product should always have a purpose; without that, it is impossible to develop resources that deliver results. 

Target Audience Design is a very personal thing which is why it needs to be perfect for your intended audience. You should consider this in both the tone of voice used and the design chosen. 

Our team need to understand who they are creating the brochure for, as this will determine which emotive elements are included to ensure that engagement is achieved. 

Call to Action As with any marketing asset; a brochure should be flooded with CTAs to offer maximum ROI. It would help if you considered having a levelled approach to your goals with a mix of obvious and more subliminal CTAs embedded in the content. 

Brochures are a form of marketing material that people are likely to hold onto or revisit, so having all bases covered with the information that they may need is essential. We specialise in creating both traditional print-ready and digital brochures, with CTA techniques being available for both. The wording you create is critical as you must creatively make consumers want to carry out your Action. This is made possible through professional design, as the user’s attention is directed to the intended activity. 

By knowing what you want to achieve, our team can ensure the consumer doesn’t miss valuable links.  

Copy Your wording is essential if you want to craft a compelling story. Whilst we are not a copywriting agency, our team still understands the importance and can advise you on how best to lay out your content. We will also use your copy to understand your brand voice and match the design elements to it accordingly. By matching your visual identity to your written one, brochures tell a strong story, and consumers can connect emotionally with a brand. 

Headlines are important as these are the foundation for any design decisions. Not only is this used to resonate with your audience directly, but it also gives sour designers an idea of how the journey needs to be tailored. These written statements should be short and snappy to incite interest and not confuse the consumer. We will also create the overall structure of the design based on this content, so it should be in the final order when you send it across. 

Our goal is to keep readers’ attention so that they digest as much information as possible. By using headlines to navigate the journey. The next way you can achieve this is through cleverly situated and clear subheadings. These suit the way people normally use brochures, which is to head straight to the section they require. No matter how creatively designed your brochure is, it will always contain a solid structure. 

When all your content has been delivered to us, and our designer is happy they understand your brief in detail, the magic happens! The visuals will depend on the products or services being included, but the fundamentals of including detailed information, clear CTAs, and illustrations to enhance understanding are always applied. A strong brochure makes your company bare as consumers can see everything you offer in one place. Our designers will always ensure you are marketed in the best light so that consumers can instantly see just how professional your business is. 

We have the winning formula by combining detail with innovative thinking at Nippy Brands. 

What are the business benefits of having brochures professionally designed?

With 61% of people confirming they go on to buy a product that they have found in a brochure, we think it is obvious why they are a marketing collateral must-have!

The benefits of producing professional brochures for your business are plentiful, with some of our top reasons being the following:

  • They instil trust in the consumer will means they are more like to remain loyal to your business. If you decide to produce something that is not professionally designed, you may find that people lose faith in the company as the message is shared that they cannot afford to produce this properly.
  • Brochures are also a cost-efficient tool which, once produced, can support various business operations for months to follow. You can also easily make updates and amends using our unlimited service so that information is never out of date.
  • The content can be easily shared in cost-effective ways. For printed brochures, you can leave them to be collected by passing traffic or posting them to your mailing list for a low fee. This guarantees that people will receive your content and give you a higher chance of being considered as their provider of choice. Online brochures can be shared via email marketing, websites, or even social media.
  • If a consumer only receives one form of marketing, we think it should be a brochure as you can pack lots of information into them. You should use the content as an opportunity to develop your brand proposition and share exclusive updates so that consumers feel rewarded by you.
  • They are a highly competitive tool that shows just how serious you are to your competitors.
  • Brochures can also be created for both B2B and B2C consumers, making them highly versatile.


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