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UI Design from Nippy Brands

Creating a consumer-friendly user interface is essential for making sales and professionally representing your brand. These services can cost your business a small fortune due to needing to revisit elements. Our approach is to offer you a pay mostly cost encompassing all planned and reactive UI updates to ensure your website is fully efficient.

What is our process?

Does your website need a visual upgrade to elevate its presence? Our user interface design services can be used to upgrade the graphic identity of any website. Whether you want small details to be re-designed or a new look, we can provide bespoke solutions to every need. 

Our ethos is to make things as simple as possible, which is also reflected in how simple it is to work with us at Nippy Brands. We follow the steps below to get your website looking the part as quickly as possible.


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your UI design request to our team. This can include detailed design needs or just a basic brief. We know UI is a complex task, so we don’t expect everyone to be experts! All we ask for is an understanding of project needs and desired outcomes so that our team can get o work.  


Our team will then research your chosen industry and product to ensure we correctly positioned your UI design. Once we have worked to create strategic designs, we will present these back to you along will a full explanation of why we recommend those UI choices for your business.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork and implement any designs on your behalf. However you wish to work is fine by us; as such, we optimise all content accordingly. 

Who are Nippy Brands?

Have you ever been frustrated at how difficult it can be to get UI just right? If so, you are not alone! That is why we created Nippy Brands.

Whether you are looking for a way to create solid on-page content or improve your website’s technical usability, our experts are on hand to make your vision a reality.

For a simple monthly fee, you can access a team of web design experts who can seamlessly act as an extension of your team. Our UK-based specialists are on hand to work quickly and with detailed precision, as we understand that user interface can be both an access point and a barrier to your business online. Not only do we deliver speedy results, but our unlimited service means that you can complete as many tasks and revisions as you need with no mounting costs to worry about.

Are you tackle your UI needs affordably and dynamically? Get in touch with us today to find out more or view our subscription plans here!

How can Nippy Brands help you get your UI just right?

We understand precisely what it takes to create a user interface which yields results. We don’t want our clients’ websites to just be mediocre and win customers by chance. Creating a succinct user journey is the only way to secure those spenders.

Our designers are all extremely talented and work using the latest technology and knowledge of trends to create strong UI designs, no matter the industry or company size. A strong customer journey starts with the right interface, which is why our team will work to create the ideal assets every time.

We work to bring together the worlds of design and usability in a seamless manner. To do this, we understand your brand guidelines and image to ascertain the best way to bring your vision to full working order. In our view, it is a very collaborative effort requiring lots of client feedback. This is because sometimes what you think may be the best is not something we would advise. Having creative and informed discussions is what we do best, as we only submit work that has strategy running through its very core.

By combining our strategic business consultancy skills with expert design, we have a proven track record of producing user interfaces that transform how websites work.

What is UI design?

UI design, otherwise known as user interface design, is one of those terms that we understand can be intimidating if you don’t have any background knowledge of the task. UI is a clever balance of design and technical know-how, offering a way to bridge the creative design of a website with technical usability. It is all about understanding how the design of a website directly relates to how it is interacted with depending on the desired call to action. Therefore, UI projects create interactive elements, such as layouts, buttons, and visual triggers, so that they present a solid image to the intended audience. You could have the strongest messaging or the best product in the world, but if the interface design does not direct the user to interact successfully with the website, your sale will be lost.

You will likely also have heard of UX design, which should be distinct from the processes that create UI. Whilst both go hand-on-hand, the user experience side of things also considers the technical usability of a website, whereas the UI is focused more on the aesthetic. UI, therefore also considers elements such as messaging, branding, marketing assets, and psychological tools to build an emotional connection with the intended audience. It should also be noted that UI is still hugely technical, with a strategic heuristic approach to the evaluation being used to ensure that the interface look aligns with the software that it is being used with. Our team are all experts in this, so there is no need to worry about having technical knowledge in the field yourself!

As you have probably gathered, if you tried to create a strong UI without consideration of UX, you would come unstuck quickly. That is just one of the many reasons that working with Nippy Brands is hugely beneficial, as we have strong knowledge in both fields. All our UI designs and recommendations are made with UX in mind to ensure that your interface looks professional and works effectively.

UI, from a design perspective, is also much more than just thinking about how your branding would translate on-screen. It goes one step further by considering all the different user types. Elements such as contrasting colours, sizing, and typography can make or break your digital presence. Our designs also look at how your content will translate into different formats, such as online versus mobile viewing. By creating compatible designs, you can rest assured in knowing that your one piece of content works for every customer’s need.

UI isn’t all smooth sailing, and as online requirements are ever-changing, so are the needs for your website. We offer unlimited edits and new projects for your one monthly cost, which means you can stay on top of UI requirements. Whether you notice traffic from a new source or want to cater your website to a new piece of technology, our team can keep your user interface always looking and working strongly.

Considering your UI means you can remain competitive and shows your customers that you care about their experience. Tailoring content to be easy to interact with and designed for a mass audience means you can maintain a professional look and ensure that your content has the desired effect online.  

How does the right UI contribute to strong UX performance?

UI and UX go together like Yin and Yang when achieving a top-performing website. One cannot work efficiently without the other being considered and optimised. As well as needing both strong UI and UX to create websites that yield sales and results, they must be respected when working on the opposite task.

For UI, the look and usability of a website would be nothing if the user experience wasn’t smooth and error-free from a technical perspective. Say you had an interactive feature that you had worked hard to install on your website, such as a price comparison. This would elevate the customer journey and greatly support buying decisions. However, if the website’s design did not direct users to the time-saving feature, the work you had put into creating it would be lost.

You, therefore, need the UI to guide customers’ journeys and the UX to facilitate them. Our team can advise on UI and UX to ensure you have a succinct and strategic plan for creating a user interface that works with you, not against you.

What elements are included within UI design?

At Nippy Brands, we can work with whatever design needs you have, but we will always advise you on which ones we think would be most effective for your website. We break this down into three types of UI controls: Directional, Informational, and Response Controls. 

Directional Controls relate to the design elements that help users navigate your website successfully. These consist of checkboxes, buttons, lists, text fields, drop-downs, toggles, and date fields. All these elements work to promote the UX journey which has been specified. The user interface is essential to bringing these journeys to life and showing customers how they can achieve their intended actions using the website. The design element is critical to this as it involves not just creating buttons that will stand out but ones that can be positioned so that a call to action is not delivered too early or late in the customer journey. 

Informational Components allow you to deliver essential messages to consumers during their journey. Anything from a pop-up with a discount offer included to an important update about payment methods needs to be carefully crafted so that they are delivered effectively. This includes elements such as progress bars, notifications, message boxes, and pop-up windows, all of which can be tailored in their functionality during the UX process. UI must therefore align with the intended technical interaction and work to bring attention to these pieces of information so that consumers feel they have all the knowledge needed to make informed buying decisions. 

Response Controls are aspects, such as tags and sliders, which give the user control over the webpage that they are using. They also contribute to the structure of a page, which helps users understand their process within a buying journey, which is important to provide. 

Without each of these elements being considered in the user interface design, you will find that your website does not provide the directional elements needed to get people successfully around the intended processes. 

Why do you need to invest in professional UI design?

Just like choosing a solid logo or carefully crafting your product messaging, UI is just one of the many strategic marketing elements that go towards creating a successful online presence. It not only brings your brand vision to life but facilities the costly technical and software elements that you have put into place to ensure you benefit from a strong ROI.

The right UI tools allow you to convert consumers into paying customers thanks to a carefully targeted customer journey combined with a strong technical experience thanks to UX considerations. It also allows you to seamlessly translate your branding and vision throughout every website element, giving you a competitive edge and a unique brand image.

UI also ensures your website is also looking its best, making it compatible with any screen type and suitable for use by as many consumer groups as possible. By getting the look of your website right the first time, you have a solid foundation to work with. This means that when you launch a new product or invest in a paid advertising campaign which is designed to bring people your way, you can work in a scalable way to improve success rates.

By working with a professional design such, such as Nippy Brands, you can rest assured in knowing that your UI combines by design and usability. All to often we see clients that have chosen one element over the other and the results are never great. Our service allows you to invest in every element of the customer journey for just one cost. If you have worked on a website before, you will know that tasks can quickly arise so this does offer you brilliant value for money and efficient time saving.

What are the different types of UI that I should consider?

UI is not just about making things look good for the consumer’s benefit. There are also lots of technicalities behind every design choice which help your website perform better. You may not realise it, but email accounts and social media are also considered user interfaces as they are pages that facilitate an intended experience activity in a strong visual way. Every element, from the button you press to post on social media to the checkout process on a website, is the result of a carefully crafted UI. 

Our team of experts use five main user interfaces to create strong websites. Whilst we don’t expect our clients to understand these, we think it’s important to consider them as we will use various forms of UI depending on the response that is needed. 

Graphic User Interface or GUI refers to a user’s ability to interact with a website using graphic elements such as icons. Visual indicators are essential for letting people know how to use the content as they only sometimes want to spend time reading instructions. User journeys have become increasingly intelligent over the past decade as people have become much more tech-savvy. 

A Form-based Interface is a name given to any UI requiring user interaction when data entry is needed. This could be completing an email sign-up form or an online questionnaire, which requires a feedback loop to be established. Without a carefully designed UI for these types of forms, the completion success rate would be low. 

The Menu Data Interface is what you would expect, a way to navigate users around a website. 

Command Line Interface is the most common form of UI as it relates to the action of commands being inputted on a website or app. This can be as simple as clicking on an image to get to a new page. Whilst this can sound simple, technically, this requires an alignment of pages and menu structures to get the users to the right place. UI, in this circumstance, can be used to align different software or CRM tools to enhance the user experience. 

Finally, is the Natural Language Interface. Have you ever used voice control to use your phone or laptop? If so, this is the element in UI that makes that possible.

When approaching a new project with our team, we will work to align your needs with the best form of UI that will yield results. All we need from you is an understanding of your goals and intention for your website, and we will do the hard work for you. By creating a UI that is segmented by the above-outlined formats, we can ensure you receive the assets needed to elevate your company’s performance whilst perfectly aligned with your other software needs. 


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