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Want to elevate your capability to tell a story in an engaging way? Then infographic design is what your business needs! Gain access to unlimited designs and professional skills for just one monthly fee with Nippy Brands.

Who are Nippy Brands?

Nippy by name and nature, we are your go-to pay-monthly design agency that offers standout infographics amongst our many services.

Our service means your vision for standout content is made a beautifully designed reality thanks to our team of experts. We deliver quick infographics that look like they have spent months carefully crafting them.

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What is our process?

Working with a graphic designer can be a daunting task full of complex lingo and lost messaging. Not with Nippy Brands. We have made is super simple for you to brief in your design requests thanks to our four-step process:


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your infographic design request to our team. This can include detailed design needs or just a basic brief and should also include the data that you want to be influenced within your finished product.


We will then pull together a design based on your own branding and target consumers which we believe will achieve the results that you are looking for.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork in the format that will best suit your intended use.

What is an infographic?

Even if you don’t know what an infographic is by name, we can guarantee that you would have seen one before! Used as a strong visual tool to share data creatively, an infographic combines numbers, text, and imagery in a creative way. They allow people to interpret information quickly and with complete ease, which is why they are favoured for use within marketing materials. They can also be used as one large image or as smaller sub-images depending on the purpose, making them a marketing asset offering excellent value for money.

The main element is the design, which is where we can help.

An infographic must draw the audience in, raise interest, and ultimately translate a message. If there is an incorrect balance of text to images or an ineffective display is used, the message will be lost entirely. You can use tools such as charts, icons, graphs, images, and typography to portray information, but every design choice must be crafted with consumer psychology in mind.

Infographics should also clearly represent the business they have been created on behalf of, so branding and logos should be cleverly positioned to act as a brand awareness tool.

Done right, an infographic can share complex messaging when a consumer would otherwise not have spent the time looking at it. When done wrong, however, a complex piece of text-heavy and ineffective content is produced that puts the consumer off. We know which option we would rather have!

How can Nippy Brands bring your infographics to life?

Our design-led service is based on business strategy and results, which is why we are ideal for working on your next infographic project. We only bring in the best designers as we know how complex of a task getting an infographic right can be.

All we need is access to your data and information about your target audience to turn a page of text into an innovative visual masterpiece which is sure to achieve high engagement levels.

If this was something you were attempting in-house, you would likely spend lots of time and resources trying to get the perfect balance of information. However, by choosing Nippy Brands, we can bring your vision to life in an engaging and unique way. We also ensure that no two designs are ever the same, meaning that you are receiving a completely bespoke piece of content that will not be replicated anywhere else.

What are the main types of infographics?

We can design any form of an infographic, no matter the industry, subject matter, or amount of information that needs to be conveyed. The beauty of this marketing tool is that it can be used to illustrate any new product or service feature, making it highly versatile.

These are just a few reasons that we get asked to create infographics which may inspire the approach that you take to your next project:

  • As a visual aid for sales presentations of business pitches which can be used in both presentation and print out formats.
  • For supporting new product releases in the form of imagery for social media, websites, and for using within catalogues both on and offline.
  • As a tool to use on a printed display stand, advertising method, or on a leaflet for in-person promotions.

You can also use an infographic as a form of visual timeline if you want to share messaging about a brand story, product launches, or anything that has a chronological order. Generally, we say that if you have a large amount of data or messaging to portray in a short amount of time, an infographic is a brilliant tool to consider.

What information is needed for Nippy Brands to design your next infographic?

Whilst we love a challenge that lets our creative juices flow, there is a method behind the madness when it comes to creating effective infographics. During the briefing process, we will gain a full image of what it is you are looking to achieve, which will involve us asking a few questions if the content that we need is not included in the initial request. This is still a quick and simple process which takes much less time than if you were designing the content yourself!

The main areas that we need to consider when designing an infographic are outlined below, and these are the things we will need a clear view of before design work starts.

Data and Information The reason for creating an infographic is to portray a message effectively. To do this, the design’s heart is the content is included. We will need to know exactly what data and information it is that you want to share, along with some background as to the premise of it. This means we can not only weave strategy into the design but helps us to determine what type of layout and features can be used to best share your messaging. We may also consider if this is original information of sourced content, as we would need to make extra allowances for elements such as references and links.

Branding Your infographic needs to represent your company, which branding is intrinsic to. Our designers will work to seamlessly blend your company image into your final design so that it is instantly recognisable where the content has come from.

Tone of Voice This is another aspect that is important for creating authority about the subject matter, as it allows consumers to get to know a company based on its infographic content. Our team will incorporate the content into your design if you have a defined tone of voice. If not, they will research your own brand and look at your competitors to pull out recurring themes which can be used to identify your brand uniquely. Whilst we are not copywriters, we do still have a deep understanding of how words need to be laid out visually to have maximum impact on consumers.

Intended Use How you intend to use your infographic will also affect the design, as our team will work to optimise it for different platforms. Whether being used on social media, on your website, or in a printed piece of marketing collateral, we can design content that is fit for the final purpose. We also specialise in creating static and animated infographics, meaning you can tailor online content to be interactive. Due to their extensive experience in creating compelling designs, our team will be able to best advise you on the creative tools that you can use to bring your idea to fruition.

Consumer Segments Last but not least is considering how your target audience will want to receive information. For example, a younger audience may want more images and animations, but an older audience may want more facts and figures. By understanding your intended use and target audience, we can produce designs which will be best received by your audience.

Why does a business need to use infographics?

We believe you should use infographics in your marketing and sales strategies for many reasons. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, you will still have the same challenge of securing your intended audience’s attention for long enough to transmit a message to them. An infographic engages the brain and leaves an imprint that ensures a message is not lost. Using visuals can increase the chance of retaining knowledge by as much as 42%. 

We think using infographics improves your brand image as you look relevant and forward-thinking. You can also use them in conjunction with more formal content, such as whitepapers, to cover all bases when interacting with different types of people. The fact does remain, though, that large pieces of data and writing can be overwhelming and is, therefore, less likely to be positively perceived. 

Infographics are also important for companies to use as they can be filled with various calls to action in one place, which would otherwise not be possible. By this, we mean you could have one piece of striking design work that links to multiple places on your website to have an intended landing page for any consumer. 

Using infographics also shows that you care about your audience, as you have taken the time to not only pull together the research and content but gone to the effort of displaying it in a strong visual format. A picture is likely to imprint on the consumer’s mind, so proving that you have created one that is perfect for your audience will likely improve brand loyalty and awareness. 

Finally, infographics make financial sense, especially when considering the Nippy Brands approach! One piece of content can create many smaller marketing tools, such as social media posts and paid advertising campaigns. A strongly designed infographic will keep giving you value, even after you initially publish it. This is even more relevant for our design agency as we offer unlimited designs, additions, and revisions, meaning you can tailor your infographic as often as you wish!

Can Nippy Brands help me create content themes or do I need to have all the information to begin with?

We don’t just make things look good; we make them work for your business. This means we can either work with briefs or initial ideas to create something amazing for you.

Whereas graphic design for infographics started off as just a visual task, it has increasingly developed to become a strategic form of marketing that only the top designers can harness to create strong tools. Luckily for you, we have several of them working with us at Nippy Brands!

Our approach considers that making an infographic is more than just putting some data onto a design in a creative way. It also needs to make technical sense. Therefore, we will work to create your story, and if we think a key point of the narrative is missing, we will work with you to pull the content together. Our designers can suggest the design they think would work best for your content and share multiple options with you until the perfect final product has been achieved. Well versed in creative and commercial roles, we only work with designers who can embody out own ethos of incorporating strategy into design projects. We also make it simple for you to contact your designer as we think that open discussion is also essential to achieving a strong infographic. During this time, you can discuss anything from the styling choices to the audience considerations, of which our designers can actively provide feedback for every area.

By working with our team, you are adding an extension to your own workforce, which covers all aspects of visual design and commercial awareness. To hire people in all these functions, you would be paying a lot more than you are with our service packages.

Why are strong infographics so important?

On average, 65% of consumers will be visual learners, meaning that infographics are essential. This form of design provides a mentally stimulating balance of text and visuals to ensure that the intended audience receives the message. Infographics consider every type of consumer and deliver psychologically compatible themes, which means no one is left out of marketing campaigns. 

Every aspect, from the positioning of images, the way that the eye follows the content, the connotations of colours used, and layout, are all considered when we create our striking infographics. By creating technically and strategically balanced content to ensure it resonates and leaves a lasting impression, you can improve your brand’s overall engagement and conversion rates. 

Data is an important tool as people want legitimacy to cement their reason for aligning with a company. By displaying this in a strong way, you are showcasing what makes your brand unique whilst telling consumers that you have an important message. 84% of people say that they have found infographics to be useful. This means that people are already going to be interested in your content if they see it displayed in this visual form. However, suppose you are not presenting an effective layout of content. In that case, you could instead turn customers cold as it is seen as a direct representation of your own company’s operations and style. 

A strong visual piece of work will also be a hugely competitive tool that your own competitors will not be able to replicate. Strong tools are essential for looking unique within your industry by showing that you have the knowledge and resources to pull together showstopping content. Design is something that tends to cost lots of money, so having our team by your side, you can look professional even if you are just starting out. After all, image is everything, right?

We know exactly what it takes to produce strong and robust content. By understanding why you need your content to stand out and applying a commercial mind to any design challenge; our team can produce expert design work that boosts your company’s brand image in an instant. 

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