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Logos are at the core of your branding, so having a professional design to represent your company is paramount!
Achieve the logo that elevates your business with unlimited design packages from Nippy Brands.

Logo Design from Nippy Brands

If you require a new logo, look no further than Nippy Brands. As our name would suggest, we achieve quick results for our clients that never compromise on quality. Our unlimited design service means you can gain access to multiple designs each month for just one fee.

Boasting a team of talented designers who are experts in branding, amongst their many talents, we can create completely bespoke logos for any product, brand, or service.

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What is our process?

Need a logo in a hurry? Thanks to our simple briefing and delivery service, you can bring your branding goals to reality in just four easy steps:


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your logo design request to our team. You can give us an idea of the style you are looking for or just provide us with some background about your business so that we can carry out our own research into what would be the best design for you.


We will then pull together a design based on your own branding and target consumers which we believe will achieve the results that you are looking for.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork in the format that will best suit your intended use.

What is the logo design service from Nippy Brands?

Did you know that logos are the most recognisable and remembered brand indicators, with 75% of people confirming they make an impact? A professionally designed logo should be filled with connotations and messages about your business, even if no words are included. Our logo graphic design service is ideal if you need a new branding image or want to update an existing one. 

Creating logos is one of our most popular services, with each of our designers having plenty of experience creating original designs. During the process, we will create a design representing your business perfectly so that you can successfully compete on all platforms with strong marketing assets. 

Our aim is to grab attention, tell a story, and improve your brand image, all with the help of our unique logos. We can also work on your wider graphic design projects to use your logo to influence wider design decisions and choices. 

With a robust logo, the rest of the marketing mix is given a dynamic boost and competitive edge.  

How will my logo be delivered and where can I use it?

Our designers know exactly what formats logos will be needed in, so they will deliver your content in all variations so that you have all bases covered. The most common formats are PNG and JPEG, but we can also supply raw files that are ideal for converting into other formats. Delivered via our simple-to-use portal, you can expect to receive your design in 24 hours to get to work on sharing your new identity. Once the design is signed off and edits have been made, you will be given full creative ownership of the logo to do with it as you wish! This means you can make changes and use it wherever you see fit as long as you have obtained the relevant permissions for certain locations.

What types of logos are available?

The type of logo that you choose is a big decision to make, and one that our designers can guide you on the process. This is carried out through the concept phase which follows the briefing process. During this phase of the project, your assigned designer will showcase a few different options for your new logo which are likely to be a mix of the below formats. They will explain their creative influence behind each one so that you can both work together to choose the best design for your company.

You may not have even realised that there are so many different types of logos that you can choose from, so we have gathered below a list of the most designed forms:

Wordmark A wordmark logo simply features the company’s name as the entirety of the design. The likes of Google, Coca-Cola, and Virgin are high-profile examples of brands that just rely on their name to be enough of a marker.

Whilst this may sound like a simple option, we can assure you there is a lot of strategy and planning that goes into even simple designs. If you are choosing to rely on the company name, you need to ensure you have a strong story surrounding it. Design-wise, the font and colours are essential to including brand connotations within the logo.

Abstract As the name suggests, an abstract logo uses clever design skills to share the message about a brand. The combination of symbols, shapes and different patterns allows a complex yet simple-to-interpret design to be created. This is a great option if you are a contemporary company with a developed message.

Letter mark These have the same concept as wordmark logos but rely only on letters. Big brands that use this technique include HP, CNN, IBM, and P&G, who have all found their shortened name to offer a simple way for consumers to remember the brand. When designing letter mark logos, your font is front and centre so our team will work with you to find something that aligns with your brand concept flawlessly.

Emblems Ideal for giving the feel of luxury and heritage, emblem logos combine traditional elements with modern design concepts. Due to their style, emblem logos are commonly used by professional bodies and constitutions that can denote that they are a long-established business.

Icon Feel brave enough to create a logo without words or letters? Then an icon could be the best option for you. Commonly used either as a secondary logo or as the core logo for big brands, icons offer a unique approach to branding that will represent your business as being forward-thinking.

Whether you have a design concept in mind or want our team to create something from scratch, at Nippy Brands, we can deliver you a logo that perfectly represents everything your company is about.

How do you come up with the idea for my new logo?

The ideation side of things is what we enjoy the most. Our designers will consider every possible element of your business from a consumer’s perspective to develop logos that will offer strong branding capabilities. If you have an idea or brand value in mind that you would like to play on, do let our team know. Otherwise, they will create robust options for you to select from that give your business a professional brand image.

Be prepared for out-of-the-box thinking at its finest!

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