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Writing the copy for an eBook is one thing but giving it a professional and sleek image requires a whole other area of expertise. We are the agency for you if you need help giving your narrative an eye-catching design.

Why choose Nippy Brands for your eBooks?

Creating an eBook is a highly skilled task that requires knowledge of both design and business strategy. We can combine expert graphics skills with wider marketing awareness to create dynamic materials which are easy to interpret by your intended audience.

Whether you want a short, last-minute design or require a large and in-depth eBook, we can do it all. You will also benefit from unlimited revisions and new designs thanks to our pay monthly design packages.

What is our process?

A professional eBook should balance strong messaging with a user-friendly design that is simple to interact with on any platform or device.

Thanks to our simple four-step process, creating detailed eBooks is a simple process:


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your eBook brief to our team. This should contain the copy that you want included which is broken down by headline points and paragraph text, specific imagery, branding content and any other instructions. You will also need to confirm which format you require as print and online publications both require different design elements.


We will then pull together a design based on your own branding and target consumers which we believe will achieve the results that you are looking for. This will be in the format that we believe is optimised for your end purpose.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork in the format that will best suit your intended use.

What is the eBook design service from Nippy Brands?

Are you looking for a way to present marketing messaging in a fun and interactive asset? An eBook is a brilliant option for you to consider!

Offering a way for the modern consumer to enjoy the hobby of reading still but compactly, eBooks are a brilliant resource that everything business should be able to offer. The most significant thing to consider with a digital book is how the design works for the mass audience it is intended for. Not only must the content be legible and user-friendly, but it also needs to be compatible with various devices and digital tools.

Our professional eBook design service allows you to create easy-to-read designs with a strong visual look. The reality is that most people judge a book by its appearance, but we create designs that mean the consumer cannot resist finding out more about what is inside.

Ideal for sharing your knowledge with your industry, promoting a product or service, or even for using it as an internal document, just like their traditional counterparts, eBooks offer many different possibilities for how they are used.

What exactly is an eBook and how is it different to any other piece of online writing?

The eBook sector is predicted to reach £11.2 billion in sales by the end of 2022, showing just how popular they are worldwide. Whilst you cannot beat the relaxing energy that a paper book brings, the reality is that eBooks are the answer to the fast-paced lives that we are all living. Being able to be having a variety of reading sources in your pocket instead of lugging around a heavy bag is much more convenient. There is also no need to wait for a book to be delivered or to head out to get one. Instead, the user can download a copy in just a few clicks to their chosen device. 

eBooks are also superior in terms of their usability, as they allow for integrated digital tools such as searches and click-throughs to make for improved user journeys. This means that people can search for a product, find the information they need, or even make their onward digital journey in a matter of seconds. This is one of the many reasons eBooks have become a competitive marketing tool companies within all sectors can optimise for improved engagement levels. 

They also allow for information to be stored digitally and used as a reference point whenever it may be needed. This is highly convenient and offers a way to integrate branded information into daily life. Whether it’s a recipe that is close to hand, top tips which can be referenced at any time, or educational resources that are used for self-improvement, eBooks offer something for everybody. 

You may think that eBooks are just compatible with the Amazon famous Kindle, but you would be mistaken. In fact, these digital wonders can be accessed using any smartphone or computing device, with a range of apps being available. This also means that content can be viewed at the size of specification that best suits user needs meaning they are much more accessible than traditional paper books. 

How do I go about designing an eBook?

Creating the perfect eBook relies on getting a few factors spot on and of course, sleek design. Before you submit your brief to use, you should consider the following elements:

Content Your copy should already be written before it is submitted to use. When creating your content, you should consider what value it can add, how you can best explain your point, and what value it will add to your lives. As eBooks are also searchable tools, you should also ensure you have implemented relevant keywords and search terms so that readers can use the resources in various ways.

There are no rules that say how long an eBook should be, but it should offer a deeper level of information than your other marketing materials, which should be considered within your copywriting.

The topic of your eBook can be anything to do with your business that will be something people want to interact with. You may want to create an obvious piece of marketing resource which details your products and their uses in creative ways. Another method is to use eBooks as a knowledge tool to show your authority within certain industries. By this, we mean taking a topic relevant to your company and creating a non-obvious marketing tool which still boasts your signature branding.

An example could be if you owned a hair salon and wanted to bring attention to your company. You could create an eBook focused on anything, such as hairstyles through the ages, and flood your brands and tone of voice throughout. This subliminal form of marketing is a brilliant way to improve brand awareness whilst improving the legitimacy of your company. The very nature of an eBook also implies that a business is professional as it is a complex tool to create. Ensuring you have the right content means a good impression is guaranteed.

Structure The nature of an eBook means you will need to break the content down into chapters. Before you submit your brief to our team, this could already be formatted. Just like any other book, the chapters should flow in an intuitive way and allow the content to be broken down into relevant chunks of information.

Our designs will ensure your eBook is interactive and simple to navigate using your requested structure.

Call to Actions As we have mentioned, eBooks are interactive and searchable content that can include tags, references, and buttons to lead consumers to other landing pages. Considering why you are creating your eBook and providing us with links to embed into meaningful and design-led CTAs is essential if you want your asset to be a valuable part of the customer journey.

Intended Consumers With any of our design services, we also like to understand who the product is intended for, as this influences many design elements. Our design will perfectly suit your consumer preferences, from the images used to the focus on specific keywords. This ensures maximum ROI for you, which is always our main objective.

Format We don’t expect you to be a technical knowledge bank, but some consideration about how you want to share your eBook is important. The most popular formats to create eBooks in are PDF, AZW, and EPUB, as these offer the best compatibility with different devices. No matter the format you need your publication to be produced in, our designers will ensure it is visually striking and easy to interact with. 

What are the business benefits to publishing eBooks?

eBooks are high-quality marketing tools that can elevate your brand image in many ways. We think that businesses in all sectors can stand to benefit from creating professional eBooks, with the main benefits being the following:

  • They offer a chance for you to establish your position as a competitive market leader thanks to the professional design and opportunity to include developed content.
  • Trust can also be achieved as having content in book form automatically makes it look, expert, which our design will also accentuate.
  • eBooks offer a way to drive traffic to websites and other digital sources thanks to the integrated call to action and links. Having an SEO-friendly eBook will mean the title and introduction content is also searchable by all major search engines, which is brilliant for domain authority.
  • Consumers also don’t always want to be directly sold to, so an eBook is a great way to sell in a non-obvious manner. You can still include sales-led content but wrap it up in different forms of information and content so that consumers are not as wise to your purpose.
  • eBooks can also be updated and re-published easily, meaning they offer brilliant value for money, especially with our unlimited design packages.

Why is design so important when creating an eBook?

When thinking about eBooks, the design has many layers to it, with the most important purpose being to create a piece of strong marketing material that users will want to interact with. From making a solid first impression with a standout cover choice to a succinct customer journey guaranteed due to the on-page design features, an eBook with a subpar design will not provide all the business benefits we have listed above. 

The front cover is the first thing that someone sees when they come across your eBook, and it is often enough to make them decide to either interact with your content or leave it on the virtual shelf. Whilst we are all taught that this is now how to choose content, the fact remains that the front cover is the advertisement of what can be found within the digital pages. Professional graphic designers will know exactly how to represent the contents of an eBook in a way that will grab attention, share information about the content themes, and generally stand out to the intended audience with a mix of clever design techniques. 

When you are creating a front cover, it is about more than just a title and an image. It must be a layout which summarises the entirety of the content in both obvious and subliminal ways. It is also a complex design process to undertake as eBooks are a relatively new marketing asset. Thankfully, the Nippy Brands team of expert designers all have extensive experience in creating eBook content and covers that do the job. From digitally optimised images to the easy-to-decipher font with prominent positioning, our designers will ensure your eBook stands out from the rest. 

Next up, we consider the internal layout, as it is important to combine both modern and traditional in this form of marketing resource. People don’t want to feel that they are reading a newsletter or an online catalogue. Instead, an eBook must retain the same format as a traditional book but with some modern accents to highlight that it is a dynamic resource. To achieve this, we ensure that grids are used to ensure consistency and enhanced readability for every design. This also means that if you do want any changes made or things added that it can be done quickly without needing to start from scratch. 

eBooks do contain images, but not as many as other online resources. They should also be compatible with different devices and suitable for viewing in both colours or black and white with the same impact being made. We choose images that complement copy and bring the messaging to life, not to fill gaps. Our professional eBooks showcase that content and messaging is the most important element that clever design can strengthen.

As with any form of advertising, people are easily attracted to design and visuals. You can also tell the difference between an amateur piece of content and an expert one which is why our eBook services are so popular.  


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