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Having a strongly designed menu is essential for ensuring that your consumers have full access to each part of your business. Without this, you run the risk of leaving products and services unattainable for people.

Our graphic design packages are ideal for this, as we offer unlimited designs for a monthly fee. This means you can work reactively and dynamically, with a professional graphic design team by your side always.

What is our process?

Bringing your menu desires to reality is something we achieve easily in just four simple steps:


Choose your plan (if you still need to do so). You can select from any of our three service packages that offer incredible value for money. Based on your requirements, you can decide which level of service offering will suit you best. 


Submit your menu design request to our team via the simple to use portal. At this point you should include all of your chosen copy, full menu list, dietary information, and other data that you would like to have showcased in your beautiful menu.


We will then pull together a unique design and send you the option or feedback. Need a revision? Not a problem at all as we offer unlimited redesigns under your monthly plan fee.


Once everyone is happy, we will work with you to provide the final artwork in the format that will best suit your intended use.

What is a menu design service?

Our menu design service is ideal for any business with a list of products or services that must be displayed professionally. Most used for eateries but ideal for any company, our team are well versed in creating creative yet informative documents that deliver all essential information to consumers. This is achieved by optimising the written content and presenting it in a beautifully presented manner so that consumers have all their questions answered with just one marketing tool.

Our team can seamlessly weave your already-defined branding into standout documents that will leave consumers unable to resist your products. All designs are also optimised for both online and print services, saving you time to produce multiple copies of your new menu.

What’s more, is that we offer unlimited designs for our one monthly cost, meaning you can update your menu with seasonal products and pricing offers as often as you wish!

Do menu design services work for businesses of all sizes?

Any business that offers a list of products or services needs to have strong menus to support its portfolio. That is why our team are amazing at what they do, as they can create compelling designs that are unique and perfectly suited to your business.

From bustling eateries to small, exclusive bars, we can create menu designs for every need. Whether you have 2 or 200 items to include, we can create a size-optimised design which ensures that white space is never an issue. Our team just need to know what items are to be included, and then we can advise on the best size and specification for your brand-new professional menu.

Having a professional menu can improve your brand image, so it is brilliant tool to invest in if you are smaller or start up business! The best part is that when you choose one of our design packages, you are also able to invest in additional design assets which can further improve your brand image. Your menu should align with the rest of the branding to create a memorable image for the consumer which our services make an affordable reality.

How important is a professionally designed menu?

Even if you had the best products in the world, without a menu that outlines them in an easy-to-read way, your consumers would not be able to experience all your business has to offer. A menu is also a tool that should be used to support staff and brand awareness, through a serious of informational content themes and visual aids to make the user experience as good as it can be.

Menus are also important for not just showing off your list of items but for assisting the teams, as they should be designed to answer any questions that consumers may have. A professional menu should make it easy to select an item, inform consumers about ingredients and product components, and provide full transparency of other buying decision influencers such as price and availability.

A strong menu will also make consumers want to try that new product or order additional items for upselling and add-on purposes. Just like an invitation to an event, the menu is one of the first signs of what is to come, so it needs to use dynamic marketing to share a story which resonates on a deep level. Even though they may not be aware of it, every element from the font used to the descriptions influences brand perception even after the customer has finished their meal.

Finally, a professional menu will also help people make decisions more quickly. This improves the time in which service can take place and ensure that more people can be served in a shorter space of time. Our professional designs let your business run more smoothly and reap the financial benefits of investing in professional marketing assets.

What components are included within a strong menu design?

A strong and informative menu should have the following design and marketing elements considered:

Imagery An image says a thousand words, which is important to consider when it comes to a menu. Your consumers will want to have a balance of words and visuals to make it easier for decision-making to take place. With the right visual tools, you can influence choices and ensure that your big-ticket items are sold out every night.

It is important to consider the balance of images used, which our design experts always ensure is perfect. With more images, you run the risk of not swaying a decision, but with too many, it could make the menu simple to use.

Information The most important aspect is the content included. Our designs will highlight your product information in a way that is simple to reach and easy to understand. To achieve this, we use a defined structure for menus and tend to adopt a grid layout, providing the formation consumer’s desire.

When you brief in your menu design, please always give us all your content and copy, including titles, descriptions, pricing, dietary needs, associated icons, and additional USP’s so that we can optimise the space available in an effective way. 

Menus are also a marketing tool, so we work to include your other CTA’s, such as social and website links. Cross-marketing is crucial; we never miss an opportunity to link strategy to a marketing asset.

Branding and Colours Our designs will always ensure your menu is a continuation of your existing branding, as consumers will expect an aligned presence. To do this, we will match your branding with different psychological tools to achieve an irresistible menu.

Our designers will also account for different visual and reading needs by balancing colours and typography correctly. Colours can also be used to highlight certain products or elements, which is a great idea if you have seasonal items that you want to push above other things. Without unlimited design service, you can revisit your menu as often as you wish, meaning we can use features like this in different ways whenever you see fit.

What are the main types of menus that Nippy Brands can produce?

From top-level overviews of an entire range to bespoke smaller designs, we can create menus for ANY product or service you have. We apply the same approach to each; to make products look desirable and to ensure that all information is easily accessible to a large audience.

Some of the main types of menus that we get asked to produce are listed below:

Drinks Menus These most commonly consist of wine menus, cocktail lists and general beverage menus, which usually include many products. We find that often, people expect to have a drinks menu delivered separately from the food items.

This can also be used to create a sense of exclusivity around certain drinks which are often the larger ticket items. The branding and wording are also targeted at an older audience instead of being child-friendly, which we believe a unique design should accompany.

Ingredient Menus and Allergy Lists Businesses must be careful not to provide an item to a customer that could cause an allergic reaction to take place. It is, therefore, a common practice for main menus to include indicators of food allergies but for additional ingredient lists to be provided, which go into much deeper detail.

These are more factual design pieces, so a professional and data-led approach is required. We can work to differentiate this from your other menu designs so that this vital communication stands out and stops any issues from occurring.

Food Menus These can range from large lists which contain all products to segmented designs, such as A la carte menus.  You may also want to create sub-menus for children or even vegan guests, depending on what products you offer, so we can work with you to make that a reality.

Whatever type of menu you decide is needed; our designers are experts in making them easy to use to support your wider business operations.

Can menus be used to psychologically engage with the consumer?

Absolutely, in fact, we believe that creating an emotional reaction is the main purpose of professional design!

Something as simple as denoting a healthy meal with a green colour palette or presenting winter items with a soothing festive tone can instantly show customers what a menu offers. It would help if you also considered the copywriting that you send us to have included in your menu. Whilst we can help sell your products through strong design, the wording and item names are crucial to get right.

A strong menu should show a customer that it is catered to their needs and has everything available at a quick glance. Therefore, the challenge is creating designs that offer this for a large range of different needs, which is why we weave many strategic design features into every menu we produce.

Our goal is to ensure that whether it’s a family, young couple, or large group of friends using your menu, there is something for everyone in an easy to interact with manner. Therefore, we will always ask to understand more about your business, and the intended audience, as our expert designers can weave in different visual pointers to improve the journey for whoever is using your menu at the time.

Do you produce digital menus?

At Nippy Brands, we can produce whatever form of menu you need, whether it is intended for print or digital use. We also offer a complete UI service of which we incorporate elements into digital designs to ensure a positive experience is always to be had.

Digital menus may be available on tablets in your establishment or on a separate site that is available via QR or website links. Consider using digital prompts on your printed menus to improve your onward user engagement levels, such as quick shortcuts to social media pages.

When you brief in your design, please let us know exactly how you intend your menu to be used, as this will influence our process. For print items, we will ensure the artwork has bleed lines and is print ready for a seamless printing service. If your menu is digital, elements such as the quality of images and colours may need to be adapted so that they portray strongly on screen.

Whatever type of menu you choose, the styling choices will remain the same. Our designers will just make subtle changes that will ensure everything works efficiently for your audience.

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