Is Graphic Design a Talent or Skill?


Graphic Design is a profession which is hugely in demand. Globally, the Graphic Design Industry is worth a staggering $43.4 billion, showing just how integral it is to society.

Have you ever wondered, is Graphic Design a talent or skill? Well, we will discuss this question in this article, which we hope you find useful.

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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design refers to the process of creating visual and textual content, which communicates ideas or messages- for example, a business logo, infographics, or page layouts on a website.

Wherever you go, Graphic Design is all around you. Talented teams of people worked hard to design the packaging of the cereal that you ate for breakfast, the film posters you walked past in the cinema, and the advertisements that popped up on your Instagram feed.

Without Graphic Design, we wouldn’t know much about the products and services that we use on a daily basis.

Is Graphic Design a Talent or Skill?

So, is Graphic Design a talent or skill?

Well, the answer is: it is a bit of both!

Many Graphic Designers have a natural talent for their craft. They can draw and paint beautifully, they have a great eye for design, and they can execute their ideas perfectly.

However, Graphic Design is also a skill that can be learned. You do not need to have brilliant artistic skills to be a Graphic Designer.

You can train in many different areas of Graphic Design and learn as you go. For example, you can take courses in web design, Photoshop, illustration, Adobe software programmes, and so much more. These courses will equip you with practical knowledge and technical skills that are necessary for working in Graphic Design.

However, having the ability to sketch and draw will be advantageous if you are interested in a Graphic Design career. When you start a Graphic Design project for a client, you will be brainstorming and jotting your ideas down on paper. So, sketching and drawing are excellent skills to bring into the job.

As long as you are adept at visualising where your lines, patterns, shapes and colours will be, and you know how to translate that well, using your design software, then these are the skills required to be a successful Graphic Designer.

Why is Graphic Design so important for businesses?

There is a multitude of reasons why a business will benefit from using Graphic Design, such as:

  • It helps the business establish a brand identity and credibility. For instance, by having a logo, website and social media presence.
  • It allows the business to advertise its products or services, through posters, flyers, banners, newsletters, and other marketing materials.
  • It enables the business to communicate information, messages and updates to its clients, customers, audiences, and stakeholders.
  • It offers the business the opportunity to create a good first impression.
  • It ensures the business has multi-channel consistency across all platforms, which keeps the brand recognizable and attractive to potential customers.
  • It allows the business to show its creative side, as they can experiment with elements including colour, patterns, shape, images, and texture.
  • It is a chance for the business to stand out from the competition and showcase its unique selling point.
  • Using Graphic Design offers the potential to drive more traffic to the business’s website, which will increase traffic and ultimately, sales.
  • It allows the business to make any changes to their company or re-brand if they need to.

Where can I find Graphic Design services for my business?

Here at Nippy Brands, we offer on-demand Graphic Design and Copywriting services for companies.

We can design all the materials you need to launch or scale your business, including:

  • Logos
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • Banners
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • eBooks
  • User Interface (UI)

So, how does the Nippy Brands service work?

  1. Simply choose a package that works for you, whether it is Graphic Design only or a full-service package.
  2. Once you are logged into your Nippy portal, you can create requests with easy-to-follow briefs.
  3. We will deliver your projects, with quick turnarounds and unlimited revisions. You will have your requests carried out within just 1 to 2 days!

When you use Nippy Brands, there are no hidden costs- we offer a flexible monthly plan, which can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time. You will also have a dedicated account manager, who will oversee your creative needs.

To learn more about Nippy Brands, visit our website here or contact us at 01706 318200.

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Do you need a degree to become a Graphic Designer?

It is definitely possible to become a Graphic Designer, without studying the subject at degree level. This route may be more difficult than completing a Graphic Design degree.

A Graphic Design degree would fast-track you into a career in the field, as it would provide you with:

  • three years (or more) of training.
  • access to experienced tutors.
  • the ability to use the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • a thriving environment with like-minded people.
  • collaboration opportunities with peers.
  • work experience opportunities, placements and internships within the industry.
  • invaluable networking opportunities.
  • social opportunities (e.g., societies and clubs).

But if you don’t have a degree in Graphic Design, then you can still build a successful career in the field. You would have to research the different training courses that are available in the subject area, and whether you meet the entry requirements. For instance, Masters Design Lab offers a 12-month online course, called the Graphic Design Advanced Diploma, which is suitable for people with no design background.

You can also teach yourself Graphic Design skills, to build up your knowledge. For example, University College Dublin (UCD) offers online lectures via Zoom, where you can learn Graphic Design fundamentals such as UX Design and Advanced Photoshop.

Once you have grasped an understanding of Graphic Design, then you can start offering your services to clients and build up a portfolio. The more projects you add to your portfolio, the more you can showcase your talents to potential clients, and start your career as a freelance Graphic Designer.

How can I learn Graphic Design skills?

To kickstart your career in Graphic Design, follow our handy tips below:

Take Courses

As we have outlined already, you should take courses in Graphic Design, to improve your knowledge and skills.

Udemy and other online learning portals offer excellent short courses, which allow you to gain experience in your own time, and then acquire the knowledge to implement it.

Here are some of the best graphic design courses that you can take to help you learn what it takes to excel in this profession:

Build an Online Portfolio

It is important for you to build an online portfolio, and start making a name for yourself as a Graphic Designer.

Try setting up a Wix or Squarespace website to showcase your work. Fiverr is another great platform, where you can make money to design logos and other projects.

Read Books

There are plenty of books you can study about Graphic Design that will help you to learn the ropes and understand the process. This is essential when trying to carve out a career in this industry.

We would recommend reading the following books:

  • Grid Systems in Graphic Design, Joseph Müller-Brockmann
  • Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes, Michael Evamy
  • The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst
  • How to Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul, Adrian Shaughnessy

Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is such an invaluable and untapped resource these days, that it is vital to make sure you use it as much as you can. There are lots of different options for YouTube channels and video courses that you can check out that will help with this.

About Nippy Brands

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We hope this article has provided the answer to the question ‘is Graphic Design a talent or skill?’

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