Which are the best Graphic Design Courses in 2023

Which are the best Graphic Design Courses in 2023

The digital era is well and truly upon us, and pretty much everything in the world now is run via computers of digital technology. And this is something that has a huge impact on the way that companies market themselves and try to reach their target audiences.

Graphic design has become a staple of every online business strategy in the past decade, and it is only growing in importance. Based on data provided by IBIS World, the graphic design industry is valued at a staggering $45 billion for 2023, and this looks set to grow even more in the coming years.

Finding the best graphic courses to take in 2023 is a great way of giving yourself and your company a leg up in a competitive market. This is a great way of being able to improve your approach to business, and enjoy greater success as a result.

This article will seek to assess the different types of graphic design that exist, as well as the courses that will invariably enhance your experience of them, and allow you to be more successful.

If you want to enter a career in graphic design, or you’re looking to spruce up your brand’s graphic design strategy, then you should make sure you pay close attention to this article.

Let’s take a closer look at what graphic design is, the impact it can have on business, and why you need to boost your graphic design skill set as much as possible.

What Graphic Design Is

Simply put, graphic design is the skill and ability of being able to combine text, images, visuals, and more in an attractive and compelling way, for use in advertising. This is something that many modern businesses are using in order to improve their marketing strategies.

Graphic design begins with an idea that then must be moulded and nurtured via creativity, and turned into something that will enhance the way businesses are able to strategise their promotional elements.

This can include many different elements, such as logo design, social media pages, infographics, poster design, UI design, and more. Scaling your brand marketing campaigns is faster and more effective with the right graphic design strategy.

It is important to have a clear idea of the graphic design strategy you want to implement as a business, because you can be sure your rivals will be doing the same. According to stats from My Marketing, 67% of small businesses in 2021 believed that the importance of graphic design with regards to business success is set to explode over the next 5 years.

At its heart, graphic design is essentially about optimising the visual journey customers experience with a brand, and improving user experience as a result. Composing the visual elements of a project, and how they come across on screen or page can make all the difference here.

Why is Graphic Design So Important for Businesses?

Marketing is the cornerstone of business success, and the visual aspects of marketing are invaluable. Visual content marketing is gaining more traction with every passing year, and Forbes recently reported that 91% of consumers prefer visual content to written content.

Because of the power and influence that visuals and imagery can have on influencing customer buying trends, it is pretty clear that graphic design plays a huge role in helping businesses market better.

You need to develop and present a brand that stands out from the competition, and the use of visuals is integral in helping to achieve this. Having a strong graphic design strategy can drive more traffic to your brand and help secure more sales.

What’s more, graphic design is also an excellent way of ensuring all your marketing efforts are uniform, and that you have multi-channel consistency across all platforms. This keeps your brand recognisable and attractive to potential customers.

As a modern company looking for market share, marginal gains is something that can make all the difference, and this highlights one of the core reasons why graphic design counts for so much, first impressions matter.

You have to get creative as a business so that you can evolve and remain at the forefront of your industry. Graphic design is integral to this, as well as allowing you to effectively communicate new ideas in a creative and interesting way, via things like newsletter design and flyers.

Which are the best Graphic Design Courses in 2023
Which are the best Graphic Design Courses in 2023

What Does the Landscape Look Like for Graphic Design in 2023?

2023 looks set to be a big year for graphic design, with the demand for graphic designers set to grow by 3% by 2030, according to statistics listed by One Hour Professor.

As companies continue to work to claw back some of the impact and market share they had pre-COVID, graphic design matters now more than ever. This is particularly true considering that we live in a world that is more aesthetically focused than ever before.

A good graphic designer can make all the difference for a business looking to enhance its marketing and drive sales. This continues to be an important part of running your business effectively in 2023, and we at Nippy Brands are focused on being able to help elevate your business via our multiple graphic design services.

There are plenty of graphic design trends that we can expect to see in 2023, and preparing for these is a great way of enhancing your company via the perfect graphic design strategy. Keep an eye out for these graphic design trends in 2023.

  • Memes
  • Typography
  • Sustainability
  • Illustrations
  • Transparency is key
  • AI generative tools
  • Past influencing future designs
  • Data-drive design ideas
  • Maximalism
  • Interactive experiences
  • 3D design
  • Augmented reality
  • Psychedelic design
  • Asymmetry
  • Symbols
  • Videos with more text
  • Light and dark colour combinations
  • Open compositions
Best Graphic Design Courses 2023
Best Graphic Design Courses 2023

Best Graphic Design Courses 2023

There are different types of graphic design courses you can take in 2023, and choosing the best ones to improve your skill set is really important. This is something that you can use to enhance your business marketing, and achieve greater success.

You have a couple of choices when looking for the perfect graphic design courses this year that will enhance your skill set and allow your company to improve things like social media, branding, logo design, and more. You can choose free or paid options, and we’re going to list a few of each to give you a broad choice.

It is important to choose a course that you feel will help you learn basics about graphic design without overwhelming you, and this is why picking courses suitable for beginners is important.

Here are some of the best graphic design courses for 2023 that will transform your business right now:

  • Graphic Design – CalArts (free)

This is one of the most in-depth examples of a beginner’s guide to graphic design, and, with 78 hours of learning, this really is the perfect step-by-step process for those wanting to learn all about graphic design in 4 or 6 week chunks.

  • Beginners Guide to Graphic Design – Gareth David Studio (free)

Another of the best choices for a 2023 graphic design course that is going to enhance your skills is the Beginners Guide to Graphic Design by Gareth David Studio. This free course is a short but sweet 6 hour course accessible on YouTube.

  • Graphic Design Bootcamp – Udemy (£10.99 special offer)

Udemy is one of the best and most reputable options when it comes to taking online courses, and this in-depth graphic design course includes 16 hours of video and 13 downloadable resources, as well as assignments to help you learn and master graphic design.

  • Become a Graphic Designer – LinkedIn Learning (free month)

LinkedIn has an excellent graphic design course that uses industry tools to help develop the perfect course, one that qualifies for academic credit. The LinkedIn graphic design course contains 1 day 2 hours of content, and 11 informative steps.

  • Graphic Design Mini Courses from MICA – Skillshare ($32 per month)

This is one of the best value graphic design courses on the market for 2023, and offers a large variety of both paid and free options. You can view classes at any time, and they offer an affordable payment structure of $32 per month, or $13.99 per month billed annually.

  • Graphic Design Specialisation – Coursera ($49 per month)

Graphic Design Specialisation is the brainchild of 5 professors from CalArts, and operates similar to a college course, complete with individual feedback and grades. The course provides a monthly charge of $49, and you receive a certification upon completion.

best Graphic Design Courses in 2023
best Graphic Design Courses in 2023

About Nippy Brands

The right graphic design talent can have a transformative impact on your company, and this is something you need to try to get right as much as possible. We at Nippy Brands are completely dedicated to improving your company’s graphic design requirements.

There is a lot you need to consider when looking to improve this, and it is important to make use of our full services. We provide a wealth of different graphic design services as mentioned above, with use cases ranging from marketing teams to enterprise teams, and agencies to education.

Our dedicated creative team is on-and to transform your company, and save you tens of thousands of pounds per year hiring in house. Our flat monthly fee plan, starting from £499.99 is sure to be a game-changer, and can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your brand.

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