Top 15 Infographic Designs in 2023

Top 15 Infographic Designs in 2023

Infographics have been around since the ’70s, and will always be around. They are the quickest visual form of information and data that we can receive, but the way they are presented changes to suit current trends. From AI-generated art to simply bold colours and lines, there is so much to learn and understand about the 2023 infographic design trends. To keep up with these, here are the top 15 infographic designs you’ll see in 2023.

Peculiar linework

As maximalism comes in, so does creative and curious linework. More artist looks will be coming back, these can be for diagrams or to set up a piece of visual and separate information, even in a canonical way. This trend gives massive room for creatives, making your infographics eye-catching and almost like art.

Linework can work with dividers. It is likely that we will see more strong dividers, in the next year. These, used with linework, will improve visibility and make your infographics more tempting for people to stop scrolling and read.

Storytelling with linework

Along with the new creative linework, comes storytelling. Storytelling has been done throughout all of history and is basically history itself. Without storytelling, we wouldn’t really know anything and when you break it down, infographics is storytelling at its basics.

You can use lines to tell a story and point out the information necessary. The lines don’t have to be plain and simple they can be as imaginative as you desire. If you want your infographics to add a creative line story and become more engaging than ever, then you can find a service to help here.

AI-Generated Art

Towards the end of 2022 AI art (artificially generated) has become a huge trend within social media. Although this technology may not be new, it is for the general public. AI art will give you more room to be creative without having the drawing or computer painting skills some might have. This means you will also have a leg up and not be stuck when it comes to getting imaginative. This form of technology may even inspire you to think outside of the box and give your infographics a whole new feel. It gives a whole new experience and creativity to anyone creating infographics.


Animation and motions within infographics can and will bring a whole new view to them. The motion graphics make a person more likely to stop on the post and read it. Animation will make a post more interesting, giving it a new form of communication, therefore getting more views and interaction.

The best form of motion for your infographics will be GIFs. They are quick videos but can get your point across. They repeat so the viewers will constantly be seeing it without taking away from the data and other parts of your post.

Personalised data

In the past few years, personalised data have become a massive deal within the internet and social media. We have seen this trend with Spotify wrapped, which is anticipated every year. This trend is here to stay and easier than ever to do. Most people online will now put their information anywhere if it means they can see something fun about themselves and with the personalisation any reader will be interested in what their data says about them.

While this trend can be a tricky one, as not everyone is social media hungry, it can cater to many and is a major trend to keep an eye on for infographic designs.


The 90’s

One of the biggest trends right now is the 90’s. The 90’s are sticking around for a while again and are trends from fashion, and photography to graphics. This trend will include bright and striking colours, giving people the nostalgia, they crave. Focusing in on trends and styles from the 90’s will have people reminiscing on the throwback and will keep you up to date in 2023 with your infographic designs.

back to the 90s

Punk comeback

With the resurgence of the 90’s, the punk movement comes with it. In 2023 punk infographics with bold and extreme themes and styles will come about. These graphics will be hard-hitting and reminds anyone of that rebellious era. The punk period agrees with maximalism, filling out every space with graphics and mis-matched photography will be what 2023 is about,


Even though the 90’s are back in style, so are many other decades meaning that retro is coming back. Whilst this might be later in the year, original infographic styles are making a return. The 70’s in particular with greys and brown being in focus with the information plain and straight for any reader to understand.

Although many decades aren’t in style just yet, once the 90’s surge is over, there will need to be a new fixation on an era. Keeping up to date with when a trend is massively important. You should aim to keep one step ahead and get ready for when the 70’s style could make a return to an online audience.

No more minimalism

The days of minimalism are coming to an end. With maximalism coming back, you should expect to see more images and graphics, along with more colours making the infographics stand out. Maximalism will improve your storytelling within infographics, no more empty spaces, but everything used to its fullest.


Photography makes an infographic bring out what is best for it. With many infographics including AI and all computerised images, a real-life photo will become refreshing. Making these photos bold will boost engagement and even give you must more creative freedom to see what is right in front of you.

The use of photography can also be enhanced with photoshop skills. Your photos don’t have to be plain and boring, you can easily improve them and make them more unique, even with just a few simple filters.

Depending on what the infographics are for, photography could show the data in an enhanced and easier way to understand.


Again, with everything becoming computerised, realism is now becoming the new escape. 2023 will show that the world is changing to more online. Creating infographics with realism will remind people of the real world we live in and hopefully spread information with more compassion.

Additionally, realism will remind people of the information you are trying to provide. If your info is based in the real world and not online, photography, striking imagery and data will prompt the viewer to listen to the information and realise they should be learning it. This, then, will encourage more shares and views for your posts and gains more traction for whatever your infographics are about.

Bold Shapes

Contrasting with recent years’ minimalism, bold and abstract shapes will create a new look and feel to any infographics. This is more so with geometric shapes, which will give your work a more unique impression. Sharp corners will be appealing and most attention-grabbing for infographics.

Additionally, with these bold shapes, come stand-out information blocks. These with simple sentences with maybe 1-3 bullet points, will make your infographic readable and most enticing than chunks of info.

Bright colours

Bold and impressive colours will keep you on the lookout. It is most likely that highly saturated colours and hues will make an appearance. These colours will keep you infatuated and immediately draw your eye to a post. especially after recent trends being calm and pastel, these bright colours will give you more engagement and enhance views on your infographics.

Vibrant colour schemes

Vibrant and extremely contracting colours schemes will be interesting and new for 2023. This will be fresh for the new year and goes hand in hand with the bright colours and bold shapes. Bright and vibrant colour schemes will be striking but shouldn’t take away from the information being presented, but enhance it. These bright colour schemes also overlap with the 90’s revival and often with AI art, making it the perfect trend for 2023.

Improved headers

Headers are almost the more important part of an infographic. Refining your headline and choosing the right, bold colours to make your header stand out is critical. This means that there will be so many improvements with them in 2023. They are the first thing anyone scrolling will see and is almost a make or break to whether they will read or scroll past. Any of the tips above can help improve your headers for the new year.

Once you have gone through all these new and current trends, you should be ready for the 2023 infographics design world. However, I do think it is important to go over the past year’s trends or even further back to gain an understanding of what could be coming next. Which decade could be next? Which colour schemes? And even what technology is advanced that could change the whole game. Keeping ahead of the game is the most important step when it comes to design and one you should always keep on top of!

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